Twitter Users Imagine Slaying Their Exes With Just 3 Words

Picture this. You’ve moved on from your crappy ex. Maybe they lied and cheated. Maybe they were emotionally unavailable. Maybe they were a lazy mooch. Whatever the case, you’re not friends. Now imagine that you receive a text from this reviled former lover. The text reads “I’m dating someone better than you.” Personally, a message like that would probably result in an instant block. But Twitter user @EvaRebeca5 asked her followers to come up with their best 3 word comebacks to the unnecessary (and somewhat hurtful) hypothetical text messages. The responses are both hilarious and spicy, a primo exercise for anyone who has pretend arguments with their shampoo bottles in the shower. Though might not have the guts to put our ex in their place, we have nothing but respect for these people who brought the heat. We’ve put some of our favorite responses into this gallery, but there’s loads more where these came from. 

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