Twitter Thread Recasts ‘Lord of The Rings’ Characters As Dogs

It’s no secret that we’re huge Lord of the Rings fans here at Memebase, but we devote most of our time to the dank and dumb memes we feature in our Tolkien Tuesday series. Today, however, we’re offering something a little more wholesome. On Wednesday, Twitter user @Coppertopmpls embarked on the adorable quest of recasting her favorite Lord of the Rings characters as dogs. While some of them can be argued with (Elrond, ahem), many of her choices are pretty damn on the money. The thread went was unsurprisingly well-received, with users submitting their own amusing suggestions for her glaring omissions, such as Treebeard and Bilbo. While the tweets may seem a bit fluffy, the thread is definitely the kind of marriage of wholesomeness and geekiness that we so enjoy. We hope it has the same positive effect on you.

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