Twitter Roasts Everyone Who Thought ‘Via Getty’ Was A Real Name

It’s only day eight of 2021 and we’ve already seen maybe one of the dumbest news weeks in US history…and it’s still unfolding! As you’ve probably heard, the Capitol Building in Washington DC was breached on Wednesday by a mob of Trump supporters, one of whom was caught in a photo running off with a US House lectern. Journalist @RyanLizza tweeted the image and cited Getty Images as the source, which caused a lot of unexpected confusion. Many people retweeted the image and called for the arrest of ‘Via Getty.’ @RyanLizza eventually had to clarify that the man’s name is not, in fact, Via Getty, but by then it was too late. The mistake had already gone viral and jokes about Via Getty are still flooding Twitter. We’ve collected some hilarious reactions to the priceless Twitter gaff that will surely be remembered for a long, long time.

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