Twitter Gets Sassy & Sarcastic With ‘Leaving My Body’ Meme

Twitter hasn’t really stopped memeing in the last week, but we’re pretty glad that this popular joke has nothing to do with Covid-19, its vaccine, or politics. This trend uses an image of a soul living a human body, and the fun really started when @KingCrustacean shared it last Wednesday. Their caption deals with the plight of ADHD sufferers, and reads “The ADHD leaving my body when my mom tells me to “Get a planner.” 

Many of the memes deal with the incredibly unhelpful advice people give people with depression, ADHD, or anxiety – but some of them instead roast peoples’ own hypocrisy. Like when your atheism leaves your body when a plane flies into some turbulence – or when your car starts hydroplaning. Both themes have resulted in some Grade A twitter memes. And we’ve collected the very best examples right here for you.

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