Twenty-Nine Funny Memes To Get The LOLs Flowin’

Sometimes you just need a way to convey what you’re feeling without saying a word out loud, and that’s where memes come in. Lucky for you, we’ve got a plethora of them!


Batman - Kids want to be Batman Men want to be Bruce Wayne Teenagers want to be Bruce Wayne parents


Fictional character - Video games don't cause violence, but in actuality, historically recorded human behavior and violence has inspired multiple video games


Product - Me: I've got to stop spending money Also me: VISA 400 0120 CM


Product - Feeling down a bit? Here are some photo's of people trying to sell mirrors; MEHES


Face - spiders are the only web developers in the world that enjoy finding bugs


Text - Study: Instagram is the worst social network for bullying Kids who grew up with Xbox 360 in-game chat: Weaklings die. Big deal.


Text - games that make you open 20 tabs of wiki when you first start playing Terraria ENTER THEI MINECRAFT UNDERTALE


Text - 90s teachers: You aren't always gonna have a calculator in your pocket: Me now:


Photo caption - Girls after they masturbate: IT WAS BEAUTIFUL Boys after they masturbate: We're criminals, Alfred. We've always been criminals. Nothing's changed.


Cartoon - me and my dad after ordering pizza without telling mom:


Sky - a photographer catches a one in a million shot of a meteor


Cartoon - Girls when there's only one slice of pizza left ** No l'm fine, you take it Noo, you take it Вoys: made with mematic


Face - Teen boys Teen girls You get compliments OFTEN? I only get one compliment a Rose, I can explain... year! Middle-aged Middle-aged women men One compliment a year? My last was four years You guys are getting aqo! compliments?


Job - When someone replies to your meme with another meme PLUCI Finally, someone who speaks English


Motor vehicle - Uber Eats guy after he completed 10,000 deliveries and unlocked the Golden Skin


Cat - When u take a shit on the carpet and watch one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet clean it up MasiPopal Pathetic.


Photo caption - me: *fails captcha 4 times* me:


Adaptation - My mom trying to shop for clothes u/Oreo The Dino 8yr old me hiding in the circle of shirts


Text - kathedrals @kathryniveyy Why is "the chosen one" always a teenager? We're really gonna put the fate of the universe on someone with an undeveloped prefrontal cortex? Give me a story with a chosen one who is a 42 year old mom that has already seen some shit and is totally out of fucks to give 4:08 PM · 2020-08-23 · Twitter for iPhone 8,179 Retweets and comments 43.9K Likes


Job - Apple fanboys when they get a mac as powerful as a ps4 for the price of a Toyota deel


Clothing - Me: Trying out some clothes in the fitting room, but deciding not to buy the clothes The Clothes:


Text - When you waitin for the life guard to give you the green light to go down the slide AINT 6 WEST FINALS


Organism - PLANTS OUTSIDE PLANTS AT HOME @planty_hoes "mmm, concrete. cozy" "is this tap water? i'm allergic"


Face - trent andrew @trentandrewrld They're literally the same 50 12 2


Adaptation - When you open the oven to check if the pizza is done


Text - Humans: *are born on hospitals* Bears: *are born a on borrows within the safety of their mother Turtles:


Human - keanu reeves without a beard looks like if snape decided to travel to the 1980s


Food - The only happy ending AMK3 @yodarlin_ Yoooo , imagine this but as cereal.


Text - what's on my mind: what i say: nevermind

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