Thread: ‘Christmas Virgin’ Shares Funny Outsider Observations About The Holiday

As much of the world is lamenting the lack of festivities surrounding 2020’s dismal Christmas, there are people out there who are “celebrating” the holiday for the first time. One such person, Mohammad Hussain, who hails from Ontario, decided to share his amusing observations on the holiday with his Twitter following. Hussain, who grew up as a Muslim, was schooled by his roommates this year regarding all things Christmas. And while many of Hussain’s tweets are extremely funny, they’re mostly correct. And the thread went so viral that even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chimed in to attest to the accuracy of the thread – and to wish Hussain a very happy Christmas. You can enjoy the fun (and some replies) below, but be sure to give Hussain a follow on Twitter. We can’t wait to see what he thinks about Easter.

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