The Weeknd’s Halftime Performance Is The Official Meme Of The Super Bowl

Super Bowl LV was a bit of a doozy. Sure, Tom Brady proved that he’s an immortal android, and that he’s effectively turned the Buccaneers into Patriots 2: Electric Boogaloo. But the game was boring as hell. The Kansas City Chiefs lost to Tampa Bay in a bit of a blowout. The score, 9-31, was an embarrassing show for the Chiefs, who were defending last year’s title. 

While we’re sure that West Floridians were a bit more excited than other sports fans, Twitter made the most of the evening by meme-ing the very glitzy halftime show. The night’s performer was The Weeknd, a Canadian pop star who got his start with dark bedroom-y R&B and rap. He’s since become a huge pop star, working with huge acts such as Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, and Drake. 

Unfortunately for the Weeknd, who put 7 million dollars of his own money into the halftime show, people haven’t really been talking about his music. Instead, at least on Twitter, people are focusing on the jumpy funhouse-esque segment of his set. During this part of the performance, The Weeknd (also known as Abel Tesfaye) wanders around the brightly lit tunnels in a daze, as if he’s desperately searching for a way out. Clips of this bit hit Twitter very quickly, and jokesters almost immediately got to meme-ing. Most of the memes are pretty damn relatable, focusing on situations such as looking for ones barfing cat, or looking for your mom in the grocery store as a child. The intense relatability has made many of these memes go viral. We’ve gone through them and picked out the best, so you can enjoy ’em all at once. 

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