Scrollworthy Memes For Humor-Hungry Procrastinators

Dear Procrastinators, 

It’s perfectly normal to want to avoid responsibility. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When so much of our time is signed off to other people (ahem, job), the urge to reclaim it tends to grow. That’s why so many people go to sleep later than they should. There’s actually a Chinese term for it – “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.” People literally feel like they need to stay awake to regain control over their time. It’s a phenomenon that we relate to, though we by no means endorse it. 

Instead of staying up until the wee hours out of spite, we recommend setting aside chunks of time during the day for things that make you happy. That could mean indulging in a fancy cup of coffee, or perhaps a quick workout to get ones blood flowing. It can also mean scrolling through some funny memes. If you’re in the latter camp, we’ve got just the gallery for you. 



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