Remember the Nineties? Here are 20 Funny Dawson Crying Memes

remember the nineties here are 20 funny dawson crying memes

Ah the nineties… Are we biased or did life seem so much simpler years ago? It’s ironic because today’s technology and modern times should be making life easier and not harder. But, here we all are in some dystopian reality — all masked and afraid of breathing in some fatal virus.

Remember those days before mobile phones and 5g. Those were the times of pagers, dial up internet, and party lines. (If you don’t know what a party line is, ask your parents or grandparents.)

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with these Dawson crying memes. After all, who best to take us there than the leading man of the iconic 90’s show Dawson’s Creek.

My Pager Went Off

dawson crying 90s problem meme

Problems That Only 90’s Kids Will Understand

dawson crying 90s problems meme

My Favorite Song On This Album

dawson crying favorite song meme

A Huge 90’s Problem

dawson crying huge 90s problem meme

I’m Fine

dawson crying im fine meme

I’m So Proud I Could Cry

dawson crying im so proud of you meme

Went To Nice Restaurant

dawson crying instagram meme

My Internet Is So Slow

dawson crying internet slow meme

My IPhone Force Updated Me To IOS 11

dawson crying iphone update meme

It’s My Party

dawson crying its my party meme

My Presentation Is Over

dawson crying presentation is over meme

I Rented A Movie

dawson crying rented a movie meme

She Called Me Mean

dawson crying she called me mean meme

I Want To Know The Lyrics To That Song I Just Heard

dawson crying song lyrics meme

Trying To Hold Back The Ugly Cry

dawson crying trying to hold back meme

I Can’t Hear The TV

dawson crying tv meme

Why Are You Saying That

dawson crying why are you saying that meme

You Made Me Do My Ugly Cry Face

dawson crying you made me do meme

You’re So Mean

dawson crying youre so mean meme

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