‘No Nut November’ Memes For People With Astonishing Self-Control

Happy November, friends and followers. While some people are gearing up for the election this week, there are some people (mainly Redditors) who are prepping for an even greater trial: No Nut November. The challenge, which is rarely taken seriously, involves abstaining from the act of self-pleasure. For many people on the internet, it’s mostly just inspiration for some extremely dumb memes.

While the game has been around since 2017, it really seemed to gain popularity in 2019 – inspiring loads of image macros starring everyone from Wojak to Spongebob. Though we are not sure how much traction the challenge will gain due to this wonderful hell scape of a year, but we are looking forward to the spicy memes. To commemorate this hallowed day, we’ve put together a variety of NNN-related gems both old and new. But you can bet they’ll be trickling through r/dankmemes and r/me_irl pretty quickly. Good luck, comrades.

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