Love Dad Jokes? Here are 20 Funny Rick and Carl Memes

love dad jokes here are 20 funny rick and carl memes

When the Walking Dead writers wrote in the father and son duo Rick and Carl, they probably didn’t realize they would become a popular meme. With Dad Rick’s tendency to yell his son’s name and call him Coral sometimes, it’s liable to attract the interest of the meme lords.

If you are looking for some dang awful but funny Dad jokes, you don’t have to look so far with these Rick and Carl memes.

Do You Know How Astronomers Organize A Party

rick and carl astronomers meme

What Do You Call An Alligator Telephone

rick and carl crocodial meme

Hey Carl Do You Know What Eye Puns Are

rick and carl eye meme

Do You Like My Facial Hair

rick and carl facial hair meme

What Kind Of Music Should You Listen To While Fishing

rick and carl fishing music meme

What Happens When Frogs Double Park

rick and carl frogs double park meme

Hey Coral

rick and carl golfers meme

You Know How Grandad Died

rick and carl grandad meme

What Do You Call A Fake Noodle

rick and carl impasta meme

I Named My iPod Titanic

rick and carl ipod titanic meme

I Used To Have Two Kidneys Cwahrl

rick and carl kidneys meme

Why Did The Lion Go Into The Closet

rick and carl narnia meme

What If We Were Books Coral

rick and carl norman reedus meme

What’s A Pirate’s Favorite Letter Carl

rick and carl pirate meme

You Better Be Going To Bed

rick and carl resisting a rest meme

Hey Coral

rick and carl roberto meme

Carl I Saw Your Mom

rick and carl salt pepper meme

What Do You Call A Sleeping Dinosaur Carl

rick and carl sleeping dinosaur meme

What’s The Difference Between Snowmen And Snowwomen

rick and carl snowballs meme

Those Walkers Are Just Dying To Get In Here

rick and carl walkers meme

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