Forty Punch-Packing Retro Wrestling Memes

We miss wrestling. We know it’s still around, but there was something about the eras of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Macho Man Randy Savage that we yearn for bitter-sweetly. The colors, the pageantry. The hilarious feuds. It all came together in the perfect show of absolute stupidity. While we can still find videos on Youtube, another way to get the nostalgia going is by scrolling through @the.atomic.elbow on Instagram. Their “wrasslin’ memes” feature stills of all our favorite wrestlers of yore – paired with painfully relatable and comedic captions. We’ve put a bunch of ’em in this gallery, but if you need more mosey on down to their Instagram and give ’em a follow. They’re doing some good stuff.

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