Elon Musk Earns ‘Space Karen’ Title After Complaining About Covid-19 Tests

If you thought the internet was done talking about Karens or Elon Musk, you were dead wrong. And Twitter offered us an unholy amalgam of the two this weekend. The SpaceX founder tweeted on Friday that “something extremely bogus is going on,” regarding Covid-19 tests. 

The tweet, unsurprisingly, was not well received. While many people resolved to call Elon Musk a “pos” and decry his penchant for fueling conspiracy theories, doctors and academics instead called him out in the best way they know how: with facts and statistics. While we admire every own, it was Dr. Emma Bell of Toronto, Ontario that delivered the harshest blow. In their takedown tweet, they refer to Elon Musk as “Space Karen.” The nickname was received far better than Musk’s cringey tweet. We’ve put together some of the best reactions to Musk’s tweet and subsequent Karen-dom, but we’re willing to bet you’ll find more goodies on Twitter.  

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