Cathartic Coronavirus Roasts That Pull No Punches

Covid-19 has got to be the most soul-sucking, life-ruining, ugliest piece of sh*t of the century. No one likes Covid-19. In fact, people hate that loser virus so much, they lock themselves in their rooms for weeks just to get away from it. Damn, it does feel good to roast the ‘rona. One redditor had the brilliant idea of posting that stupid, ugly ass virus to r/RoastMe and the responses are straight up hilarious. 

If you ever wished you could curse the day Coronavirus was born, you’ll definitely get a cathartic kick out of this thread of spicy roasts. 

DISCLAIMER: This page is for entertainment purposes only. If you have questions about Coronavirus, or think you came in contact with a COVID-19 carrier, please check the CDC FAQs or contact you local health provider for accurate information. Stay safe everyone.

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