30 Times Millennials Were Blamed For Ruining Everything

Blaming Millennials for killing industries is one of the most cherished pastimes of Gen Xers and Boomers. We saw a flurry of accusatory think-pieces and headlines several years ago when Millennials first started entering the workforce, but even in 2020 the finger-pointing hasn’t really let up. Hey, here’s a thought: maybe it’s the economy that killed Millennials and not the other way around. Maybe industries are dying because Millennials are too goddamn poor to buy anything. But ok boomer, keep on believing we spontaneously decided as an entire generation to kill industries because we’re evil. That sounds much more logical.

r/DeathByMillennialis a goldmine of out of touch headlines and commentary that lazily condemn a single cohort of people who didn’t even ask to be born, rather than an economic system that has failed millions of workers. We’ve collected some of the cringiest posts for our fellow Millennials to scoff at.

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