30 Successful Black Man Memes

30 successful black man memes

If you love a happy ending as much as we do, then you’ll love these successful Black Man memes. At first sight, you’ll get baited with a stereotype, but then scroll down a bit and you get the whole picture that’s very wholesome and innocent after all.

Overall, it’s amazing word play and quite a puzzle of wits on how to create that perfect bait and switch.

Does Anyone Have A Hook?

Give Me My Money Now

Give Me Your Wallet

Going To Jail

I Almost Got Shot

I Beat My Wife And Kids

I Do Crack A Smile

I Fell In Love With A Little Girl

I Got Flow

I Got Ten Kids

I Hate That Nikka

I Impregnated My Brother’s Bitch

I Like Going In That Cooch

I’ll Bust A Cap

I Pick Cotton

I Represent My Hood

I Slapped My Boo

I Taught My Son How To Roll

I’ve Got Blow

I Vote Based On Color

Let’s Light Up This Joint

My Clothes Are Baggy

Never Had A Job

Pass Me The Green

Policeman Told Me To Put My Hands Up

Sketching In My Pocket Journal

White Girl Wasted

You Just Got Served

Your Mother Satisfied Me

My Father Left Us

We hope these memes gave you some good vibes today. Ciao!

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