30 Memes That Will Show You Why The Brain Is A Scumbag

30 memes that will show you why the brain is a scumbag

Yes, you heard us. The brain is a scumbag.

As humans, we think that we’re the most evolved species on the planet. Apes and even whales have nothing on us.

But guess what? That’s just one trick of the scumbag brain. Now check out these Scumbag Brain memes and find out how you’ve been suckered all along.

Able To Use 100% Of Power

A Traumatic Life Experience

Basically Said She Liked You

Can Dream About Anything In The World

Create Dream That Pisses You Off

Eating Will Give You Energy

Figures Out The Best Comeback

Forgets Things You Need To Remember

Have To Leave Warm, Safe Bed To Pee

Humans Are Complex Individuals

I Hope You Don’t Mind

Imagines You Doing Something

Let’s Go To Bed

Memorizes Lyrics To Hundreds Of Songs

I’ll Think Of A Nasty Picture

It’s So Hot In Here

Quotes From A Movie You Saw

Remember All Those Great Ideas

Remembers Funniest Joke You Ever Heard

Remember That Stupid Thing You Did

Sounds Stressful Enough To Keep You Awake

Studies All Night For A Test

That List Of Things You Have To Do

Thinks Of The Best Memes

Think Something Perverted Near Friends

Understands God Doesn’t Exist

You Know All Those Words 

Yea Man You’re done Pooping

You Should Probably Check It

Can’t Come Up With A Creative Title

Did you just now realize how we’re at the mercy of our brains that we can barely control? Share a Scumbag Brain meme today!

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