30 Funny College Liberal Memes

30 funny college liberal memes

Do you know anybody like the person in the College Liberal meme? If yes, please accept our condolences.

The College Liberal meme is easy to spot. It’s a photo of a young white female sporting a knitted cap and dreadlocks. The humor is aimed towards hypocritical left-wing political activists.

If you ever feel that somebody you know is being a big hypocrite, send out one of these memes or better yet, customize your own.

Attacks Police At The NATO

Cites John 8:7

Christianity Is Stupid

Complains About Human Rights

Complains There Are No Jobs For College Grads

Corporations Are Evil

Demands The Same Reproductive Rights

Doesn’t Believe In Vaccination

Except My Opinion

Fair Trade Manufacturing

Is Against Religious Oppression

Gets A Good Job

Mocks Trump For Saying He’ll Contest

Claims To Be Holding A Peaceful Protest

I’m Documenting The Strife

Is Outraged Over Romney’s “Binders”

Make Love, Not War

Only Buys Certified Organic

Preaches For The Downfall

Spends $800 On Tattoos

Straight Are Code For The Homophobic

Strongly Supports Fair Due Process

The Government Censors You

Thinks Law Will Keep People

Thinks Religion Is Nonsense

Boycotts Companies With Unsavory Business

We Find Alternative Energy Sources

We Must Fight Against Our Nation’s Form

You Should Be More Open Minded

You Shouldn’t Judge People

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