30 Fun Takes On The Wrong Lyrics Christina Meme

30 fun takes on the wrong lyrics christina meme

Most of us have some embarrassing dream moments we don’t want to become reality. For some people, showing up naked in public. For some, it’s food growing legs and giving chase. Fortunately, none of these are bound to happen. For Christina Aguilera though, singing the wrong lyrics to the National Anthem in front of a humongous Superbowl audience might come close to a nightmare come true.

Because of this moment, the Wrong Lyrics Christina meme was borne. Enjoy these fun takes of this celebrity-spawned meme.

Ain’t No Other Way

Better Get Back

Blinded By The Light

Dirty Deeds

Everybody Burps

Gotta Do That

Gotta Get Down

I Believe In Love

I Have Played In Every Toilet

I Love You Like A Car

In A Hooker’s Place

It’s Not Fair To Deny

Like A Cheese Stick

Livin’ Easy, Livin’ Free

Lock Up Your Daughter

No Dukes Of Hazard

Now Take A Look

Obama’s Elf

Our Day Of Peril

Roman In The Nile

She Was A Fax Machine

The Ants Are My Friends

They Paved Paradise

This Ain’t A Scene

Trolling In My Skin

We Found Drugs

Wendy’s Promises Broken

When I Grow Up

Written In The Stars

You Shoot Me Down

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