30 Coronavirus Memes Because We’re Still In The Struggle

DISCLAIMER: This page is for entertainment purposes only. If you have questions about Coronavirus, or think you came in contact with a COVID-19 carrier, please check the CDC FAQs or contact you local health provider for accurate information. Stay safe everyone.

Summer’s about to be over and the United States is still struggling to control the coronavirus pandemic. While some states seem to be improving (some after a dismal first wave), California, Texas, and Florida are seeing dismal increases in both cases and deaths. As all the mask-haters and conspiracy theorists butt heads with scientists and government officials, many of us are left to sit at home, job hunt, and dream of a day we can go to a bar with friends without risking our lives or the lives of someone else. We’re also left to cope with corona-related memes like these. If we can’t laugh at our situation, then we know we’re really screwed.

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