28 Scumbag Steve Memes For Freeloaders

28 scumbag steve memes for freeloaders

If you were held at gunpoint and had to invite one of these people, who would you invite? Annoying Karen, Condescending Wonka, or Scumbag Steve? Yes, that’s right. Today we’re serving these Scumbag Steve memes for your enjoyment.

In case you didn’t catch on from the name, Scumbag Steve is an opportunistic freeloader. He really does look shady with his baggy clothes, sideways cap, and rather blank expression. He’s gotten so famous that his trademarked hat has even been photoshopped onto other people and things.

Still don’t know who to pick? Maybe these funny Scumbag Steve memes can help you decide.

Asks To Borrow Money

Asks You To Drive His Lazy Ass

Be There In 15

Buy New Jordans

Calls You The Best Bartender

Cheats On Your Sister

Comes To Class Late

Considers Upvoting Your Funny Meme

Debit Card Is Declined

Contributes A Dollar

Forgets To Give It To You

Gets Drunk And Pukes On Floor

Goes On Date And Leaves Fat Tip

Goes To McDonalds

Go To Highshool Parties

His Rich Parents Bought Him

Invites You To Lunch

Is An Organ Donor

Breaks Something Of Yours

Makes Fun Of Your Job

Meets Good Guy Greg

Almost Never Answers Your Calls

Parents Buy You Anything

Is Watching Star Wars

Sees That You’re Embarassed

Sees You In A Comfortable Yawn Stretch

Takes Date To Taco Bell

Uses Your Wifi For Free

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