25 Roll Safe Memes For Losers With Excuses

25 roll safe memes for losers with excuses

if you want some rather idiotic memes, then what you’re looking for are these Roll Safe memes.

Roll Safe memes are named after triple threat R.S. Simpson from the web series Hood Documentary. In the popular image, this young Eddie Murphy lookalike is tapping on his head as if he just came up with a brilliant idea. It’s ironic because his memes are simply the opposite.

Watch him in action here:

Now check out these funny Roll Safe memes.

Can’t Get Cashed Outside

Can’t Steal Your Friend’s Money

Don’t Cite Wikipedia

Don’t Have To Laugh

Everyday Is A Day Off

You Can’t Be Broke

If You Never Try Dangerous Habit

People Can’t Use You

She Can’t Catch You Cheating

They Say Spaghetti Is Also Straight

The Condom Can’t Break 

The Fewer Gigs You Have

When You Piss Her Off On Purpose

You Are Not Broke

You Can’t Have A Car Accident

You Can’t Burn In Hell

You Can’t Gain Weight

You Can’t Get Played

You Can’t Sleep Through Your Alarm

You Can’t Start Massive Fires

You Don’t Have To Face Reality

You Don’t Have To Take Anything Seriously

You Don’t Have To Worry About Youtube

You’ll Have More Money For Festival Tickets

Your Life Can’t Fall Apart

Genius, huh?

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