25 Misogyny-Tinged Neckbeard Memes & Moments

If you needed proof that chivalry is dead, we’ve got it right here for you. These fedora-tipping neckbeards may think their use of “m’lady” makes them gentlemen, but at the first sign of rejection they lash out in a Mountain Dew-fueled rage. This incel-esque behavior can be witnessed on nearly any website with a comment or messaging feature. The overwhelming prevalence has made neckbeards and “nice guys” excellent meme fodder. There are entire subreddits dedicated to these misogynists who hide behind a screen – and for good reason. Their sad antics are an absolute goldmine for people who live to consume cringe. There are a quite a few solid gems in this gallery, but if you crave more of this amusing filth there’s way more where these came from.

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