25 Lazy College Senior Memes

25 lazy college senior memes

While making good marks in college is the ideal, it’s fun to make jokes about being a lazy student. That is, unless you’re really a lazy student.

These memes are quite entertaining. You’ll see just how far a college students’ laziness will go. It’s exaggerated humor but all in good fun.

Now get some beer, drink it down like this guy and enjoy these Lazy College Student memes.

2 Minutes Late

Actually Goes To Class

Asian Guy In Your Teamwork

Assigned To Find And Experiment

Book Report Due On One

Celebrating The 10th Anniversary

Class At 2:30 Is Cancelled

Doesn’t Feel Like Walking

Don’t Take Any Risks

Finals Week

Forgot To Do Homework

Get Choice Of Two Sources

Gotta Study At 3AM

I Failed In Some Subjects

I Want You To Read Chapter 4

Professor Reviews Powerpoint Slides

“Required Textbooks”

I Didn’t Do My Homework

Studies For 15 Minutes

The Final Exam Is Not Cumulative

The Lecture Slides Will Be Posted 

We Won’t Have Class

Approves Literature Without Having

You’re Gonna Be Late

You Will Find The Lecture

What was the laziest you’ve been in college?

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