25 Hilarious Memes For the Suburban Hardass

25 hilarious memes for the suburban hardass

The suburban hardass memes are hilarious. They depict a rather privileged young man and his attempts to be suburban hardass. Check out how he claims the hood, but gets grounded for swearing and has a 10pm curfew.

You are challenged not to stare at the button-down long sleeve shirt , matching pants, and “swag”. Really, what are young people thinking?

Around White People

Mom Bought Him That Shirt

Bumps Loud Rap Music

Crip-Walks Into Cafeteria

Don’t Make Me Bring My Strap

Don’t Mess With Me

Exceeds The Recommended Dose

I Get So Drunk Off

Grep Up On The Streets

I Bust Caps In People

I’ll Pick You Up At 8


I’m Making It Rain

I’m The Baddest Nigga

In The Hood Now

I Run This F*cking Town

I Slept In Bed

I’ve Gotten So Much Tail

My Boxers Match My Shirt

Never Had An Encounter

Takes One Hit Off A Cigarette

Send My Crew After You

They Don’t Tell Me What To Do

Thinks He’s Gangsta

Thug Life

Wanna Fight Me

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