25 Cringeworthy Posts People Thought Were Deep

Social media can be a good thing. Sites like Facebook and Instagram allow people to keep in touch with family and friends – a luxury that people are learning is incredibly important as the world copes with the Covid-19 pandemic. But there’s a darker (and untintentionally hilarious) side to being able to share images with your followers. We’re talking about the fact that people can hit the “share” button and share convoluted memes and posts that they seem to think are ultra deep. You know, “We live in a society” type sentiments. They often have to do with some very teenage feelings about loneliness and dating, and, even worse, the negative effects of the same technology they’re using to share their “deep thoughts.” The r/im14andthisisdeep subreddit is an impressive archive of these kinds of posts, a veritable hub of cringey thoughts that, frankly, we can’t help but eat up. We’ve put together some of their latest and greatest offerings, but you can enjoy some more of this content here if you end up craving more.

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