25 Conspiracy Keanu Memes For The Mind-Blown

25 conspiracy keanu memes for the mind blown

If you liked our Phiosoraptor memes, then you’ll like these Conspiracy Keanu memes.

Whoever took a screenshot of Keanu Reeves being his dopey character in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure  gets credit for this meme being born. Keanu’s emotive facial reaction spawned all sorts of paranoid and absurd conspiracies that should blow your mind except that you can’t take it seriously with Keanu looking like that.

Check out these Conspiracy Keanu memes and see which by far is the most frightening as per Keanu.

If Adam And Ever Were The Very First Human Beings

If Cinderella’s Shoe Fit

What If All Of The Indiana Jones Movies

What If A Mirror Is A Parallel Universe

What If April Fools Is Really On April 2nd

What If Cats Have Their Own Internet

What If Chameleons Were All Over

What If Chickens Can’t Fly

What If Daft Punk Has Never Actually Been

What If Deje Vu Meant You Lost

What If Inanimate Objects Really Can Talk

What If Justin Bieber Is Actually

What If Keanu Reeves Created This Meme

What If Life Is Just A Huge Virtual Reality

What If March Really Has 32 Days

What If Pay Phones Are Disappearing

What If Thanos Doesn’t Actually Have The Reality Gems

What If The Comet That Killed The Dinosaurs

What If The Mayan Calendar Ends In 5105

What If The Mods Were Phone

What If The NASA Invented The Thunder Storms

What If The Princess Wants To Be With Bowser

What If The Reasons We Haven’t Gotten Visitors

What If Van Gogh Cut His Ear

What If Water Is Poisonous

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