25 Advice Dog Memes For The Worst Advice

25 advice dog memes for the worst advice

If you’re looking for a meme that gives out the worst and most pathetic advice ever, then what you’re looking for is an advice dog meme.

You’ll recognize the advice meme dog from the rainbow-bright color wheel and the accompanying bad advice. Some are just harmless fun while some are quite deplorable.

Check out these crazy advice dog memes and see for yourself.

Be Retro, Get Scurvy

Crush The Time Release Coating

Don’t Talk About It

Eat Caterpillars

Eat Fruit, No Vegetables

Eat Manure, Sh*t Pirates

Give Her A Stuffed Animal

Go To Detroit

It’s Her Period

Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant

Live In Virtue

Looking For A Last Minute Gift

MAC Users Extermination

Offer Me Some Money

Read Urgent E-Mail From The Boss

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Run Worms World Party

Sell Cookies To The Elderly

Sell PC On Ebay

Someone Doesn’t Invite You

Scrap Your Weapons

Tastes Like Oatmeal

The Financial Boost You Need

To Keep The Doctor Away

Watch 2 Girls, 1 Cup

Mollify your friends with an Advice Dog meme. If you like animal memes, check out the Philosoraptor (a philosophical raptor) and the Pun Dog.

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