24 Tongue-In-Cheek Feel Old Yet Memes

24 tongue in cheek feel old yet memes

When you’re young, the old folks tell us how fast we’re growing. “You were so small when I last saw you!” If you’re old, you marvel at how fast the young ones are shooting up these days. It must be something in their food!

So when we say we’re sharing some “feel old yet” memes, you’re probably expecting some photos of child celebrities and their grown up pictures. Well, if you were, you’re very wrong.

Take a look at these funny memes. We assure you, some of these are surprising yet hilariously apt. They’re not what you expected but hey, the similarities are very undeniable!


2009-2019 Malfoy

Dash From Incredibles

Famous WWE Star And Actor Dwayne Johnson

Mike Dimt From Green Day

Remember 2007 Pete Wentz?

Remember Eleven And Mike?

Remember Harry Styles?

Remember Hillary Clinton?

Remember Ice Cube?

Remember Jimmy Neutron?

Remember Lord Voldemort?

Remember Ms. Piggy?

Remember Mr. Potato Head?

Remember R2D2?

Remember Steve Carell?

Remember This Guy?

Sid From Toy Story

Sully From Monsters Inc

The Kid From Stranger Things

They Grow Up So Fast

This Is Bill From Little Bill

When I Watched Toy Story

Y’all Remember Karl Weezer?

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