24 Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Kim & Kanye Divorce Rumors

Looks like 2021 has claimed its first victims. You know, besides the thousands of people who have died of Covid-19. Page Six dropped a bombon pop culture fanatics yesterday. The bomb? That Kim Kardashianand Kanye Westare getting divorced. The exclusive report claims that multiple sources have come forward to share that “divorce is imminent” for the couple. This isn’t the first time a tabloid has teased their journey to Splitsville, but Page Six cites Kanye’s absence from the Kardashian family holiday celebrations and Kim’s equally absent wedding ring as proof that they are calling it quits. 

The high profile couple has yet to speak on the matter, but people on Twitter are making up for their silence with some seriously funny and scathing reactions. While some people are giddy about the news (people who love drama, Kanye fans who crave new music), other Twitter users are using this moment to call out Kim and Kanye for their narcissism, money-hungry families, and some of the more ridiculous stunts of their relationship. And then there are the people who claim they don’t care – but for some reason feel the need to tell the world about it. 

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