23 Roasty Tweets About The CIA’s Painfully Hip Rebrand

It’s the first week of 2021, and if the CIA had rebranding on their list of resolutions, they can cross that sh*t off. The spy agency unveiled their new website design today, and it looks, well, pretty familiar. That could be because it resembles a Berlin rave poster, or maybe because it’s also strangely similar to the oft-copied art of Joy Division’s
Unknown Pleasures. Either way, the design job simply aches of the agency’s yearning for fresh blood and diverse operatives.It’s a look we have yet to see from dry and dull government agencies. But this departure from the bureaucratic design of yore seems to be a bit too intense for the critics of Twitter. The rebrand is now the subject of a whole lot of scathing (and witty) commentary. Most of the humor lies in the niche intersections of art, music, and geography, but we’re pretty sure at least some of these tweetswill register to your brain as “funny” or “true.” And hey, maybe their design will convince you to aid in a coup or two of your own. 

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