20 Very Relatable Isolation Memes For The Year That Was 2020

20 very relatable isolation memes for the year that was 2020

If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that we can actually survive isolation but barely. There’s no option really when there’s a vaccine-less pandemic virus on the loose. By the time you’re reading this, future people, we hope that vaccines have come out and you’re enjoying yourself at some bar or concert.

In the meantime, here is an awesome record of what happens to people in extended isolation. Check out these funny isolation memes that will make you realize that you’re not the only one going slightly crazy.

Day 5 Of Isolation

day 5 of isolation memes

New Yorkers And Londoners

isolation daily routine memes

Day 2 Of Quarantine

isolation day 2 cats memes

Day 1 Of Quarantine

isolation day 4 memes

Self Isolation Day 5

isolation day 5 memes

Day 6 Of Quarantine

isolation day 6 memes

Day 10 Of Isolation

isolation day 10 memes

Mostly Everyone

isolation dog memes

Me Eating All Of My Quarantine Food On Day 1 Of Isolation

isolation food memes

Going In Barbers After Isolation

isolation going in barbers memes

How Lads Think Their Isolation Head Shave Will Look

isolation head shave memes

I Am IIIIIIIIIron Maaaaaaaaaaaan

isolation i am iron man memes

Introverts Watching Extroverts Freaking Out

isolation introverts memes

Me In Isolation

isolation judging people memes

The Isolation Of Smaug

isolation of smaug memes

Your Normal Daily Lifestyle

isolation quarantine memes

Isolation Time With The Family

isolation time with family memes

Me As I Prepare Myself For A Life Of Isolation

life of isolation memes

Me Walking Out Of My Room For The First Time

self isolation memes

When You Ask Someone If Their Diet Is Going Well

isolation diet memes

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