20 Top Gear Memes to Fuel the Car Enthusiast In You

20 top gear memes to fuel the car enthusiast in you

Any car enthusiast would know how Top Gear is the best motoring show of all time. The original Top Gear aired from 1977 to 2001 and mostly focused on car reviews and road safety. It was revamped in 2002 with a new format that now adds special races, motor-related challenges, and even celebrity timed laps, among others.

Over time, the relaunched version placed more focus on humor, amusement, and other gimmicks that are sometimes even controversial. Nonetheless, Top Gear has been one of BBC’s most popular shows. It may feature new line-up of hosts every couple of seasons or so, but the charm of the show itself never runs out. New car shows come and go but Top Gear? Top Gear’s forever. Just like true love.

Feeling the same sentiment? Check out these 20 Top Gear memes that are just… perfection.

Show Me The Real Top Gear

real top gear meme

Starts Watching Top Gear

top gear becomes car expert meme

I Prefer The Best Electric Car

top gear best electric car meme

This Is Brilliant

top gear comparison meme

When Someone Says They Don’t Like Top Gear Memes

top gear dont like meme

Remember Geoff From Top Gear

top gear geoff meme

Where’s Hammond

top gear hammond meme

When You Weren’t Asked To Host Top Gear

top gear host meme

Tonight A Fat Man Gets Murdered

top gear james meme

I Was Told New Top Gear Would Be As Good As The Old One

top gear laughing meme

When You Find A New Top Gear Template

top gear new template meme

My Reaction After Seeing The New Top Gear Trailer

top gear new trailer meme

Infinity War Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History

top gear phineas and ferb crossover meme

When You Wonder Why Top Gear Memes Weren’t Relevant Sooner

top gear relevant meme

When Your Top Gear Meme Templates Finally Take Off

top gear smug face meme

When Everyone Finally Starts Posting Top Gear Memes

top gear starts posting meme

When Your Turbo Literally Disintegrates Inside Your Engine

top gear turbo disintegrates inside meme

US Top Gear Is Better Than UK Version

top gear uk better meme

Top Gear UK

top gear uk meme

When Someone Says “Top Gear Memes Suck”

top gear when someone says meme

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