20 Surprised Blinking White Guy Memes

20 surprised blinking white guy memes

Even if you lived under a rock and only had dial-up internet, you would surely have seen at least one blinking white guy meme.

Unlike other memes of unknown bears or random people, the identity of the face behind this meme is actually known. His name is Drew Scanlon and his face captured blinking in surprise has become the go-to anytime anybody wants to express surprise, shock, or disbelief.

Instead of being mad, Drew is using his meme status for good by encouraging people to donate to MS research via his fundraising page.

Now check out all the funny ways that people are using the blinking white guy meme.

Bill To Ban Paper Receipts In California

First Dude To Fall Asleep

First Guy That Ever Went To Sleep

First Guy To Break The 4th Wall

First Guy To Do A Backflip

First Guy To Ever Get Glasses

First Guy To Fail Art School

First Guy Who Used A Mirror

The First Mod Must’ve Been Like

First Guy That Sat On An Office Chair

The Movie Security Watching Me

Goes Spearfishing For the First Time

The First Dude To Meet Medusa

The First Guy To Cross A Street 

The First Guy To Discover Free Real Estate

The First Guy With Insomnia

The First Egyptian Painter To Draw People

First Guy To Ride A Roller Coaster 

When You Check Your Phone Real Quick

When You’re Cleaning Your Ears

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