20 Sad Keanu Memes For When You’re Feeling Down

20 sad keanu memes for when youre feeling down

If you’re feeling down, just know that you don’t have to be alone. Sad Keanu can keep you company.

In May 2010, a paparazzi took a photo of an unsuspecting Keanu Reeves looking down in the dump while eating his sandwich. It was such a sad photo that it soon became viral. It spread through the internet and later, a “Cheer Up Keanu Day” was planned.

Check out all the Sad Keanu memes that the internet spawned.

With Sad Batman

sad keanu batman memes

Saddest Bench Ever

sad keanu bench memes

When You Want To Put Up The Christmas Tree

sad keanu christmas tree memes

Forrest Gump

sad keanu forrest gump memes

Sad Keanu As Demi Moore in Ghost

sad keanu ghost memes

As A Gryffindor

sad keanu harry potter memes

Thanks For The Hat

sad keanu hat memes

With Sad Hillary Clinton

sad keanu hillary clinton memes

Sad Keanu Is Sad

sad keanu is sad memes

When You Watch John Wick 1

sad keanu john wick memes

With Neo

sad keanu matrix memes

Sixteen Candles

sad keanu sixteen candles memes

Sad Keanu Summit

sad keanu summit memes

Bite Chew Then Swallow

sad keanu think before you eat memes

With Miserable Tom And Jerry

sad keanu with tom and jerry memes

With Sad Donald Trump

sad keanu with trump memes

The Keanus

sad keanus memes

Sad Keanu Is Sitting Next To You

sad keanu meme

Minding My Own Business

sad keanu minding my own business memes

Pulp Fiction 2

sad keanu pulp fiction memes

Have a fun-filled day today, readers!

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