20 Relatable Groceries Memes

20 relatable groceries memes

It seems to be a universal desire to have to be able to bring in all of one’s grocery bags in just one trip. People would rather struggle, cut off the circulation from their hands, and risk their lives than go back to the car and make a second trip.

Check out all the lengths that people will go to in these hilarious groceries memes.

Me Going Out

bring in the groceries meme

Me Walking Around The Kitchen

bringing groceries meme

Mom Told Me

carrying groceries meme

Two Trips Are For The Weak

funny groceries meme

8 Year Olds

groceries 8 years old meme

When You Carry All 47 Bags Of Grocery

groceries from the car meme

Went Shopping

groceries gotham meme

When You Try

groceries in one go meme

Look How Strong I Am

groceries look mom meme

I’d Rather Risk Losing Circulation

groceries losing circulation meme

You Can’t Take All Those Groceries

groceries one trip meme

One Trip

groceries one trip or die meme

When You Refuse

groceries reusable bag meme

A Second Trip

groceries second trip meme

When Your Mom Calls You

groceries slippers meme

Helps Mom With Groceries

groceries strong meme

When You Remember

groceries use reusable bag meme

How I Warm Up

groceries warmup meme

I Don’t Need A Grocery Cart

i dont need groceries meme

When Your Mom Gets Home

unload groceries meme

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