20 Memes That Poke Fun At The Vanity Of Online Popularity

At first the lonely wojak stood in the corner at a party, watching everyone have fun while thinking, ‘I wish I was at home playing video games.’ Well, the meme is back but he’s no longer the introvert feeling regretful at a social gathering. Now he’s quietly lamenting the fact that no one in the room knows that he’s got a mildly notable internet following. Social environments are pretty different for this wojak IRL, and perhaps some very online people can relate.

Whoever revived this meme meant to reference the surreal nature of living two disparate social lives—the one where you ostentatiously post online and the normal, boring IRL one. Other memelords have taken off with the trend and subverted the meaning even further into absurdity, sometimes even combining it with other popular memes. We’ve selected some of the best ‘they don’t know X’ memes for you to post to your mildly popular meme page. 

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