20 Memes Of Nancy Drew Title Covers Re-Imagined

20 memes of nancy drew title covers re imagined

Millennials, ask your parents about Nancy Drew or even the Hardy Boys and you’ll surely get a blast from the past. These amazing mystery books definitely bring out the nostalgia as it was a time before mobile phones, digital gaming, or even the Internet. Instead, these blue and yellow books lived in libraries and bookstores and made long summers more fun.

Whether it was about a missing person, a chilling melody in the night, or a ghostly presence, the trio of Nancy, Bess, and George were sure to solve any mystery.

Check out these fun Nancy Drew memes. If you know the original titles, these edits will have you hooting in laughter.

The Man Protesting Avocados

nancy drew avocados meme

The Crappy Frisbee

nancy drew crappy frisbee meme

The Neighbors’ Curious Bondage Phase

nancy drew curious bandage phase meme

How’d I Get So Old

nancy drew get old meme

When Isn’t It Gypsies

nancy drew gypsies meme

The Horse That Always Made Eye Contact

nancy drew horse meme

Interviewing A Tree

nancy drew interviewing a tree meme

Now That’s A Ladder

nancy drew ladder meme

Learning Ballet From A Painting

nancy drew learning ballet meme

The Man Who Buried Livestrong Bracelets

nancy drew livestrong bracelets meme

Everyone Look A Different Way

nancy drew look a different way meme

Nancy Has Lost Her Mind

nancy drew lost her mind meme

Case Of The Missing Toilet Paper

nancy drew missing toilet papers meme

The Ghost That Needed Piano Lessons

nancy drew piano lessons meme

They’ll Never See Me In Pink

nancy drew pink meme

Asking The Painting Where It Got Its Shoes

nancy drew shoes meme

Sick Of Florida

nancy drew sick of florida meme

The Statue That Talked Mad Shit

nancy drew statue meme

Stuck In A Tree With A Skull On My Birthday

nancy drew stuck in a tree meme

The Clue Of The Tapping Heels

nancy drew tapping heels meme

Which Nancy Drew book is your favorite?

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