20 Math Lady Memes For The Confused

20 math lady memes for the confused

Have you ever been in a situation where a friend told you something but you couldn’t get it even to save your life? Maybe you were feeling tired and you’ve used up your last remaining brain cell for the day. Or maybe your friend just told you something really confusing and puzzling. Or how about maybe your comprehension skills just checked out permanently?

Whichever the case may be, here are some funny Math lady memes you can use for these situations.

Straight Person: Are You Gay

Trying To Figure Out Hints That Girls Give

How To Make A Meme Out 

How  I Can’t Pause An Online Game

I Sound Doesn’t Travel Through A Vacuum

If You Go North Far Enough

When Your Looking For that One Specific Pic

Me Trying To Understand The MATLAB Code

My Mom Left Home Before I Was Born

Password Must Have An Uppercase Letter

Please Calculate A Circular Area

Turns The Laser Pointer Off

Types amount In System

We Can’t Do That For You

What Are Your Friends Talking About

When A Woman Says She’s 29 Weeks Pregnant

When A Hindu Says Oh My God

When You Hear A Government Employee Complaining

Which Days To Wash My Hair

Why People Are So Unreliable

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