20 Hilarious And Unexpected Dracula Memes

20 hilarious and unexpected dracula memes

Say the name Dracula and more often than not, one would conjure images of a frightful blood-sucking monster – one that Irish author Bram Stoker brought to horrific life with his pen. If you read the book or watched one of the old films, you know just how chilling the Count is.

However, the Dracula in our memes is the farthest from the evil and twisted immortal who would kill you in a heartbeat. In our Dracula memes, he comes from Sesame Street, explodes into a cloud of bats to escape awkward parties, and teaches you the right way to stuff a turkey.

Check out these funny Dracula memes!


count dracula memes

In 1987

dracula died of hunger memes

You’re Sending Me A Facebook Invite

dracula event in hollywood memes

Dracula Had It Right

dracula had it right memes

How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You

dracula how many times memes

Roses Are Red

dracula imperfectly suppressed fascination memes

I Was A Vampire

dracula mainstream memes

When The Light Of A New Monday

dracula new monday memes

Has No Reflection

dracula no reflection memes

Dracula Doesn’t Have Many Friends

dracula pain in the neck memes

If Dracula Is Killed

dracula revamped memes

To Stuff The Turkey

dracula stuff the turkey memes

I Am The Tooth Fairy

dracula tooth fairy memes

I Don’t Always Travel To Transylvania

dracula transylvania memes

What Has Happened

dracula vampires wearing glitter memes

Dracula Moves To England

dracula van helsing memes

Vlad The Impaler

dracula vlad the impaler memes

Vlad The Inhaler

dracula vlad the inhaler memes

What If Dracula

dracula what if memes

I Prefer Real Dracula

real dracula memes

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