20 Hilarious Anchorman Memes From The Funniest Show Ever

20 hilarious anchorman memes from the funniest show ever

Hello, Anchorman fans! It’s time to celebrate this hilarious 2004 comedy with these equally hilarious Anchorman memes.

There are so many unforgettable moments in this oldie but definite goodie. Who can forget that sex panther perfume that had everybody running for the hills? And then how about Ron Burgundy’s quips and pick-up lines? They’d be cringey if they weren’t awesomely legendary.

Enjoy these Anchorman memes and see which you can recognize from the show.

Actually I’m Not Even Mad

anchorman amazing memes

I’m Not Anti-Social

anchorman anti social memes

Saturday Drinking Team

anchorman assemble memes

This Just In

anchorman awesome memes

Say Beer Can With A British Accent

anchorman beer can memes

Well Let Me Just Quote The Late-Great Colonel Sanders

anchorman colonel sanders memes

Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed

anchorman dont act like memes

I Changed My Facebook Name To Benefits

anchorman friends with benefits memes

I Don’t Know How To Feel

anchorman i dont know how to feel memes

I’m Not Even Mad

anchorman impressive memes

I Changed All My Passwords To Incorrect

anchorman incorrect memes

60% Of The Time It Works

anchorman it works memes

Jogging Or Yogging

anchorman jogging memes

Sometimes I Use Words I Don’t Fully Understand

anchorman photosynthesis memes


anchorman procrastinator memes

You Lost Your Phone On Silent Mode

anchorman silent mode memes

Thank You

anchorman stay classy memes

I Don’t Mean To Brag

anchorman tenth end of the world memes

Where’d You Get Those Memes

anchorman toilet store memes

I’m Trapped In A Glass Case Of Emotion

anchorman trapped in a glass case of emotion memes

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