20 Group Work Memes Students Will Relate To

20 group work memes students will relate to

Anybody who’s ever done group work in school (or what we call collaborative work in the corporate work) knows that it’s either a Win-Lose situation. You end up either doing all the work or doing none at all but you all get the same grade. When you think about it, it pretty much reflects the unfairness of real life.

Check out our collection of group work memes and relive your bitterness or jubilation depending on which side you were on.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Group Work Summarised

Group Work Starter Pack

I Have Terrible Handwriting

Presenting A Group Project

Stop Trying To Make Group Work

What Group Work Have Taught Me

When You Get Credit For A Group Project

When You Get Told That Group Work

When You’re Forced  To Do Group Work

When You’re The Only One

Group Work Is Easier Than Solo Work

You Tell Your Students

Actually Work In A Group Project

Every Group Project In School

Friend Who Came For Group Study

Get An A On A Group Project

Let’s Divide The Work Equally

Me In A Group Project

You Like To Go On A Date

Were you able to relate to some of these group work memes? Which ones?

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