20 God’s Plan Starts Playing Meme For The Grateful

20 gods plan starts playing meme for the grateful

It’s crazy that Drake’s music video “God’s Plan” would spawn a popular meme about small acts of kindness. A friend unexpectedly buying you lunch when you have one dollar left. A relative returning a loan from years back.

Ironically enough, a lot of these God’s Plan memes are about money. Maybe people feel the suffering more when your pocket and wallet are on the brink of expiration.

Check out our collection and see what’s so funny about these memes.

It’s $25

gods plan barber meme

Wanna Go Out Today

gods plan broke meme

That’ll Be $3.50

gods plan button meme

Alright Sir

gods plan cashier money meme

Your Change Will Be $2.25

gods plan change meme

Can I Get A Extra Chick-Fil-A Sauce

gods plan chick fil a sauce meme

Hey I’m Going To Grab Something To Eat

gods plan eat meme

When Your Ex Returns The Expensive Gift You Bought Her

gods plan expensive gift meme

It’s Been A Long Day

gods plan food meme

Steals $100 Out Of My Girlfriend’s Purse

gods plan girlfriend meme

Can I Have A Piece Of Gum

gods plan gum meme

Drake Said The Rockets Streak Would End Tonight

gods plan houston rockets meme

Is Your Ice Cream Machine Working

gods plan mcdonalds meme

Are You Excited To See #InfinityWar

gods plan infinity wars meme

Titanic Is Sinking

gods plan lobster meme

That’ll Be $3.50

gods plan money meme

When You’re Assigned A Patient

gods plan patient meme

Can I Borrow Your Pen

gods plan pen meme

Would You Like A Receipt

gods plan save paper meme

Thinking About Skipping Class Today

gods plan skipping class meme

What God’s plan do you want to be blessed with today?

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