20 Funny Txt Memes For Loyal MOA

20 funny txt memes for loyal moa

When Big Hit introduced a new group, too many naysayers belittled them and thought that they would never be able to follow in BTS’ footsteps. Happily, they have proven these critics wrong as this 5 member group showed Korean and international fans their own charms, talents and abilities. With their winning and funny personalities and overflowing talent, watch TXT grow even more and make their company, hyungs, and MOA proud.

For loyal MOA out there, here are some relatable and funny TXT memes we hope you enjoy.

A Baby Meeting Another Baby

txt baby meeting memes

Beomgyu Pulling Off The College Student Look So Well

txt beomgyu memes

That Block Button Looking Good RN

txt block button memes

A New Meme Is Born

txt dont know who you are memes

Thinking What Evil Thoughts U Have RN

txt evil thoughts memes

Ladies And Gentlemen I Present Gen Z

txt gen z memes

Soobin Trying To Say Healthy Please

txt healthy please memes

Once You Soobin You Cannot Soobout

txt once you soobin memes

This Picture Just Asked Me If I Have Games On My Phone

txt picture memes


txt shock memes

There’s Just Something About Soobin With The Glasses And Different Shades Of Hair Colour

txt soobin glasses memes


txt soobin memes

Yll Looking At Soobin’s Abs

txt soobins abs memes

Soobin Reaction To Taehyun’s Fake Tears

txt soobins reaction memes

And That’s The Tea

txt thats the tea memes

Yeonjun Really Like Touching Soobin Cheek

txt touching soobin cheek memes

When You’re Peacefully Watching A Kpop Video

txt watching kpop videos memes

Yeojun And Yeoffjun

txt yeonjun memes

Why Does Yeonjun Look So Troubled When He’s On His Phone

txt yeonjun phone memes

You Think You’re Smart

txt you think youre smart memes

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