20 Funny The Rent Is Too Damn High Memes

20 funny the rent is too damn high memes

When Jimmy McMillan ran for New York’s gubernatorial elections in 2010, did he know that he was going to be a popular meme?

Apparently, McMillan’s “the rent is too damn high” speech and photo from the debate was too much for netizens to resist. Check out the resulting memes and see all the things under the sun that are just too darn high!

Amount Of Plastic On The Beach

too damn high amount of plastics memes

Amount Of Salt

too damn high amount of salt memes

Number Of Animal Memes

too damn high animal memes

Asian Father’s Expectations

too damn high asian fathers expectations memes

Amount Of Baby Yoda Memes

too damn high baby yoda memes

Number Of Bad Luck Brian Memes

too damn high bad luck brian memes

Healthcare Costs

too damn high healthcare costs memes

Justin Bieber’s Voice

too damn high justin bieber voice memes

Price Of Legos

too damn high lego prices memes

Level Of Stupidity

too damn high level of stupidity memes

Amount Of Little Kids At High Schools

too damn high little kids at highschool memes

Mouse Sensitivity

too damn high mouse sensitivity memes

Number Of Posts

too damn high number of posts memes

Amount Of People Calling Pro Gamers Hackers

too damn high pro gamers hackers memes

Tuition At This School

too damn high school tuition memes

Amount Of Soccer Supporters In Europe

too damn high soccer memes

Cost Of Starbucks Coffee

too damn high starbucks coffee memes


too damn high tax memes

Amount Of Licks It Takes To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop

too damn high tootsie pop licks memes

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