20 Funny Stonks Memes For The Financially Inept

In this world, there are two kinds of stonks memes — those who made poor financial decisions (that’s us ordinary folks, on the regular), or if you actually went and did something great.

Hopefully, you’ve done nothing to warrant the first. Check out these hilarious stonks memes.

When I Find $20 Dollars In The Washing Machine

stonks 20 dollars meme

When Steam Is Selling A Game For 60$

stonks amazon meme

My Girlfriend’s Dad

stonks girlfriends dad meme

When You Set Up A Hot Dog Stand

stonks hot dog stand meme

When A Rich Nigerian Prince Asks Me

stonks nigerian meme

When You Pirate A Free Game

stonks pirate a free game meme

When Schools Charge Twenty Dollars For Pizza

stonks pizza meme

Pornhub Promises To Plant A Tree

stonks plant a tree meme

Companies When They Make Their Logo Rainbow

stonks pride month meme

South Africa Gov’t Says It Will Print More Money

stonks print more money meme

3D Printer

stonks printer meme

When You Rob A Bank

stonks rob a bank meme

When An Old Lady Is Trying To Sell You

stonks shrek meme

When You Buy A $10 Scratch Card

stonks card meme

Toothfairy Hides A Dollar Under A Pillow

stonks toothfairy meme

When You Trade A Villager 56 Bread

stonks trade a villager meme

Me Going To Area 51

stonks water bottle meme

Watches Wolf Of Wall Street Once

stonks wolf of wall street meme

Yahoo Stonks

stonks memes

Do you have a friend who’s been tanking when it comes to money? Be a troll and send a funny stonks meme today.

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