20 Funny And Totally Undeserved Thanks Obama Memes

20 funny and totally undeserved thanks obama memes

It’s human nature to want to blame anybody but yourself when it comes to things that don’t go according to plan. Maybe you spent all your salary in just a few days. Did you buy that thing that just didn’t fit your budget? Or maybe you drank too much and you’re dying of a hangover just about now?

Well, apparently, the meme world has a scapegoat. Thanks, Obama!

Natural disasters? You can blame those on Obama, too. Check out these Thanks Obama memes and see what people are blaming on the poor guy.

Air Is Too Dry

thanks obama air is too dry memes

Broken Banana

thanks obama banana memes

Blackberry Delays Launch Of BBM For Android

thanks obama blackberry memes

My Toast Got Burnt This Morning

thanks obama burnt toast memes

Dented Spoon

thanks obama dented spoon memes

Dinosaurs Are Extinct

thanks obama dinosaurs are extinct memes

Got Gum On Shoe

thanks obama gum on shoe memes

She Was Hannah Montana When Bush Was President

thanks obama hannah montana memes

Keyboard Not Found

thanks obama keyboard not found memes

Thanks Obama

thanks obama meme

Meteor Crashing

thanks obama meteor memes

My Car Broke Down

thanks obama my car broke down memes

No Red Skittles

thanks obama no red skittles memes

I Got A Papercut

thanks obama papercut memes

Oreo Milk Dunking

thanks obama oreo dunk memes

I Think I’m Getting My Period

thanks obama period memes

My Phone Broke Last Night

thanks obama phone broke memes

Sharks Attack Humans Up And Down The East Coast

thanks obama sharks attack memes

1 Sprinkled Doughnut Please

thanks obama sprinkled donut memes

Need Thermacare

thanks obama thermacare memes

Remember his leafy portrait? We’ve got memes for that, too!

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