20 Evil Kermit Memes For Fans Of Constantine

20 evil kermit memes for fans of constantine

If you’ve ever wanted to tweet or post about your evil self rising to make you bad deeds, then what you need is an Evil Kermit meme. The Evil Kermit meme is an image of sweet Muppet character Kermit the Frog face to face with his evil alter-ego Constantine. Constantine is a Sith Lord from Star Wars who tells him to do bad things in keeping with his dark lord character.

Check out these evil Kermit memes that the Internet has spawned. Tell us which ones are the funniest!

She’s Accusing Me Of Something I Actually Did

evil kermit accusing memes

He Probably Busy

evil kermit busy memes

I’m On A Diet

evil kermit diet memes

You’re Not Gonna Eat All Of That

evil kermit eating memes

Just Use Facebook

evil kermit facebook memes

Sees A Fluffy Dog

evil kermit fluffy dog memes

Lean Protein

evil kermit food memes

Wow This Is A Really Healthy Relationship

evil kermit healthy relationship memes

Ice Accidentally Drops In Kitchen

evil kermit ice memes

I’m Sure There’s A Logical Explanation For This

evil kermit logical explanation memes

I Just Got Paid

evil kermit money memes

I Should Get To Bed

evil kermit one more episode memes

I Probably Shouldn’t Eat That Pie

evil kermit pie memes

I’ve Done Nothing Productive Today

evil kermit productive memes

Me Being Rational

evil kermit rational memes

Just Sleep 10 More Mins

evil kermit sleep memes

He’s Always Been Sweet And Trustworthy

evil kermit suspicious memes

He Hasn’t Called Or Texted Me Back

evil kermit text memes

Damn She Just Sent Me 23 Text Msgs In A Row

evil kermit text messages memes

I Need To Log Off Twitter

evil kermit twitter memes

Did you relate to any of these evil Kermit memes?

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