20 Disbelieving Skeptical Baby Memes

20 disbelieving skeptical baby memes

Do you know the cutest thing in the world? It’s babies.

For a tiny little thing that’s barely out of the womb, babies make the funniest noises and faces. Just look at the Skeptical Baby. That disbelieving look is not Photoshopped, mind you. That really happened! Dad Dave posted a photo of his son via Reddit and the rest is history.

Check out all the things this little innocent babe can’t wrap his head around in these Skeptical Baby memes.

A Baby’s Reaction 

High School Drama Doesn’t End

I Don’t Always Puke When On My Dad’s Lap

If You Vanished When You Covered You Eyes

I Have To Eat My Broccoli

I Have To Suffer through Teething Pain

I Saw Dad With Mom Last Night

Is This Thing A Train Or An Airplane

I Will Have To Stop Playing

She’s Hiding Behind Her Hands

Simply Meant To Strap Me In Place

Spoons Don’t Actually Sound Like Airplanes 

The Baby In The Mirror Is Me

The Hokey Pokey Isn’t What It’s All About

Why Are You Always Tired

Why Are You Grossed Out

You Mean To Tell Me You Don’t

You’re Telling Me You Can Still See Me

Your Real Name Isn’t Mom

You Took My Milk

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