20 Confession Kid Memes Adults Might Relate To

20 confession kid memes adults might relate to

As kids, we believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. We believed a lot more interesting, innocent, and yet embarrassing things before we grew up and figured out how things really worked. If you want to confess some funny belief you had as a child, the Confession Kid meme is your best choice.

Check out the very first confession kid meme in existence.

I Thought That “Automatic Doors” Just Had A Camera

See what other funny confessions other people on the Internet have made.

18-Year-Olds Were “Adults”

Actually Called Old Timer’s Disease

A Strip Mall Was A Regular Mall

Bands Waited At Radio Stations

A College Education Would Get Me A Job

Comic Sans Was The Coolest Thing

Controlled By Real People

Drank A Full Container Of Sea Monkeys

Internet Was Full Of Nice People

I Planted Bird Seed

I Thought TV Shows Were Performed

I Wanted To Grow Up

My Parents Were Born As Adults

The Key To The City

Laugh Tracks On Sitcoms Were Actually People

The Moon Was Following Me

Dream Job Was To Be A Pizza Delivery Guy

Meme Was Pronounced Me Me

Youth In Asia

If you enjoyed these Confession Kid memes and want something edgier, then you might also like our collection of Confession Bear memes. Unlike these innocent confessions though, this naughty bear confesses things people want to keep secret because they’re taboo or unpopular.

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